Bulletin Board Abroad

From fashion to street art, inspiration can come to you from anywhere. Whether it’s on your daily stroll or browsing the net, you never know where and when you’ll come across something that will spark inspiration for that next big campaign.

Every Friday morning at Guns or Knives we catch up as a gang to chat and share anything that we have found exceptionally inspiring this week. This isn’t limited to advertising. The net of inspiration spans far and wide. It isn’t just reversed for creatives either. Everyone gets a chance to stand up and present their finding of the week. We share and we discuss everything that was brought to the room. We do this because it’s this exchanging of inspiration and thoughts that leads to powerfully creative campaign ideas.

In 2016, we opened the doors of our Friday morning creative catch-up and extended it overseas. What this meant was that one lucky person in the agency would get the opportunity to seek their inspiration further afield – a chance for someone to venture abroad and experience something truly unique that would inspire the team.

Each of us must state their case as where they want to go and why it would be of benefit to the rest of the agency. Every three months one submission would be chosen to go and see their submitted inspiration abroad. In December my proposal to visit the 2016 Festival of Lights or ‘Fête de Lumieres’ was chosen. I was going to Lyon.

So, I’m a ‘suit’ as they sometimes say in advertising. And, to some of you, it may strike you as odd that a ‘suit’ gets chosen to experience this inspiring event. Some of the creatives reading this may be thinking, ‘leave the creative things to the creatives’, maybe not.

At Guns or Knives we believe that just because you’re not ‘a creative’ doesn’t mean you’re not creative. Confusing? Well, we do things a little differently here.

Everyone contributes to the creative thinking that goes into campaigns. Our brainstorming sessions include everyone because one idea can spark another and before you know it we’re on to something!

Clients, brands and agencies alike are always looking to discover the latest trend and new piece of innovative technology for their next campaign. We love working with clients who share the same passion for creativity that we do. Clients who aren’t afraid to push the bounderies and try something new.

A New Way of Doing Something

However, my biggest take away from this event was that sometimes going back to basics and revisiting old methods of doing things can often lead to new and exciting discoveries.

People not Brands

This year’s Festival of Lights wasn’t brand centric rather a festival focused on people – for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy and experience.

Bringing a City Together

The festival consisted of 37 light installations spread across the entire city of Lyon. Impressive is an understatement. You could spend hours upon hours trying to capture everything, each piece as unique as the next.

Stories were told through projection mapping on Cathedral walls and office buildings. Eye-catching water foundations erupted with sound and danced as the light hit it. You found yourself being pulled every which way by this combination and marriage of this light and sound through-out the entire city. The two could be seen and heard blocks away and every corner brought with it something new to delight upon.

The Highlights

A cement truck turned into a giant disco ball; a giant pulsating heart that read people’s heartbeat; and bubble-gum cars with neon pink inflated airbags.

Some mightn’t see the relevance of truck turned disco ball to a brand. I’ll try to explain. Having worked in advertising for a few years your brain starts to work differently. You often think about the brands, when you see something unique.

Although you might not immediately see a connection between two seemingly unrelated items. You store it away in your subconscious and suddenly one day the connection is formed. It happens organically, it’s not forced.

You never know what the next brief or campaign will be that’ll be a perfect fit for your pool of inspiring thoughts and sightings tucked away just waiting to help spark that first thought in a brainstorming session that will lead to creatively compelling work. So, ‘watch this space’ and always stay curious.