Our Loot Lorry Hits the Road

To celebrate Meteor becoming eir, we loaded up a lorry packed full of loot and hit the road.



We packed it with tonnes of incredible prizes to give away.



It’s been quite a journey! We can’t believe there’s only one day left of the #eirLootLorry road trip.




We started on Jervis Street, Dublin and will soon be arriving in our second secret location of the day…psst, it’s John Roberts Square, Waterford.



If you can’t make that one, we’ll be hitting up two more today. Keep checking eir’s Facebook page to find out where we’re going next.



There’s still loads of amazing free stuff to get your hands on. We’ve got a host of Sony products, Hauwei & Samsung smartphones, Philips speakers & we’re even giving away gaming consoles!!! Prizes are limited so get down early.




Vote for you town while there is still time HERE!