Strong Roots Cookbook

Strong Roots are an Irish food company specialising in fresh and tasty food straight from the freezer. Their belief is that food is an adventure that lasts a lifetime.

It’s no secret that food plays an important role in our lives, it’s how we sustain life, how we show love. Food can take you on a journey to far flung places right from your kitchen table.

Rothco came up with a concept of creating a unique cookbook for Strong Roots to launch the brand in Ireland and the UK. But the reality is that the world simply doesn’t need another cookbook. To say that the cookbook market is over saturated is an understatement.

So, why create yet another one? Because the Strong Roots Cookbook is different. Ours has a philosophy, which asks you to ‘Keep Digging’ on your life long journey through food. Almost entirely blank, it is ready and waiting for you to doodle, sketch, scribble and paste your culinary experiences and journeys in.

In a world of a million different recipes hitting you from every angle we want this book to contain the ones that are important – the ones you keep going back to, or the ones for the special occasions.

The Strong Roots Cookbook means that you can trim the fat, cut the nonsense and only keep the essentials. Only the good stuff makes it on a page; the rest get the chop.

Guns or Knives were commissioned by Rothco to create something beautiful and desirable. Our approach was to create something with a high-level of finish that felt inimitably tactile and handmade.

The concept for the illustration was to highlight and hero the shovel – a central part of the Strong Roots identity – digging in the soil. What it uncovers is a Strong Roots medal buried in the soil which supports the brand’s ‘Keep Digging’ mantra perfectly. Corner details were drawn showcasing the range of vegetables which make up the brand’s product line.

Granny’s well-kept rolodex full of recipes will still get passed down from generation to generation. However, it’s not the only way we get our hands on gorgeous food. Now we’re inspired by pins, regrams, posts and blogs. The way in which we share our culinary creations have expanded and evolved. Understanding this inspired our design thinking.

Our Strong Roots Cookbook was designed to be Instagram-friendly for lucky owners to share their recipes via social media. We achieved this by creating a book that was 1:1 ratio. The unique binding uses a colour sheet to form the spine of the book binding the front and back covers together as one. It also allows it to sit flat for photos – and ease of use while cooking – while revealing the thread-sewn book block.

Like the careful selection of ingredients, the materials used were essential in the production process. An earthy linen cover fit the brand’s ‘Keep Digging’ philosophy perfectly while the use of embossed foils acts as a perfect counterpoint in texture inviting people to interact with the book.

The title of the book is reproduced in an orange foil on the bright orange colour stock on the spine and on the inside front cover which is revealed when the book sits flat and the inner pages fall short.

Our book also features in four Strong Roots online episodes where two intrepid food lovers travel Ireland in search of culinary adventures capturing their recipes along the way. Copies were also sent to food bloggers and culinary influencers across the country enticing them to begin their own food journeys.

With only 250 copies being produced, the Strong Roots Cookbook remains a limited-edition piece, so ‘Keep Digging’ somewhere else.

To follow the culinary adventures online, just click on Episode One, Episode Two or Episode Three.