We’ll be speaking at Ireland’s newest creative conference: The Future.

The Future, is a new live event that celebrates innovators in design, media, creativity and culture. We’re in amongst a good crowd, Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister and Walshe, Paula Scher of Pentagram and Lorna Ross of Fjord to name a few. That’s just some of the highlights, there will be over 60 speakers set to take to the stage at this two-day event, in the RDS on the 3rd and 4th of November.


It sets out to prove that we can all create a better world through creativity and intent. Businesses can thrive, people and society can bloom, the world can be a brighter, more brilliant place, and we can have a tonne of fun along the way too. Rather than standing still, paralyzed by the wall-to-wall non-news and apocalyptic visions for our near future, we want to prove that the world will thrive, once we come together, create and make it so.


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